Friday, 07 August 2020
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  Link   Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation website
Website providing information on the rights and obligations under employment, equality, equal status and industrial relations legislation with details on redress and resolution options
  Link   Cases - Equality Tribunal
  Link   Cases - Employment Appeals Tribunal
  Link   Cases - Labour Relations Commission
  Link   Redundancy Calculator
Calculates amount of statutory redundancy
  Link   Labour Relations Commission Workplace Mediation Service
Mediation service provided by the Labour Relations Commission to resolve workplace disputes
  Link   Dept Social Welfare - Redundancy Rebate Claim by Employers
  Link   Employment Appeals Tribunal
Website of the Employment Appeals Tribunal
  Link   The Labour Court
As well as comprehensive information on the Labour Court, the website gives access to, and specialised searching the Labour Court database of Recommendations/Determinations/Decisions.
  Link   National Employment Rights Authority
Website of the National Employment Rights Authority. NERA provides information to employees and employers through its information unit, monitors employment conditions through its inspection services and can enforce compliance and seek redress.
  Link   Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation
Government department with information on employment rights