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Wednesday, 12 August 2020
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  Link   Childlaw Project - reporting on childlaw cases
The Child Care Law Reporting Project has been established to examine and report on child care proceedings in the courts, under Section 3 of the Child Care (Amendment) Act 2007 and in accordance with the 2012 Regulations (Regulation No 467 of 2012) ma
  Link   Googlebooks
Huge collection of books on every legal topic - some available in pre-view and snippet view but many available in full version. Case-law books, precedent form books, commentaries and text books available to view.
  Link   Stare Decisis Hibernia
Starting in January 2011, the site Stare Decisis Hibernia includes updates on all recently published judgments of the Irish superior courts. The updates normally appear within 10 days of being posted on the Courts Services web site
  Link   Forensic Accounting Case Studies
Case studies of cases where Forensic Accountants played a role.
  Link   Private Residential Tenancies Board Cases
Details of the facts and determinations of cases decided by the PRTB from 2005 on.
  Link   Summaries of Decisions of Irish Courts
Cover decisions of the Irish High Court, Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeal from January 2011
  Link   Data Protection Commissioner
Case studies relating to data protection issues
  Link   Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement
Investigations and prosecution cases taken by the Director of Corporate Enfocement
  Link   Equality Tribunal Decisions
Database of decisions of the Equality Tribunal
  Link   Labour Relations Commission
Digest of cases heard by Rights Commissioners
  Link   Social Welfare Appeals Office
Case studies - outline of some of the cases decided by Appeals Officers
  Link   British and Irish Legal Information Institute
Access to freely available British and Irish legal information including court judgments
  Link   Employment Appeals Tribunal Determinations
EAT Determinations from mid 2007
  Link   Irish Legal Information Initiative
Links of Irish case law, legislation, Law Reform Commission Reports, Competetion Authority (from 1992) and Information Commissioner (from 1998)Decisions and to Bailii
  Link   Irish Court Judgments
Supreme Court Judgments from 2001 on High Court Judgments from 2004 on Court of Criminal Appeal Judgments from 2004 on