Sunday, 09 August 2020
Useful Online Tools
  Web Link
  Link   Search Engine List
Comprehensive list of search engines with details and articles on the different search engines
  Link   Time and Date calculations
Useful site with a wealth of information on time zones, weather, calendars and more
  Link   Legal Diary Alert and Search Service
Subscription based web site designed to easily find cases on the Legal Diary and to set up web and text alerts on cases of interest to you.
  Link   Typing Lessons On Line
Free on line typing tutorials
  Link   Income Tax Calculator
  Link   Capital Gains Tax Calculator
  Link   Calculate Interest on Judgment/Costs etc
Insert amount of judgment/costs, interest rate and number of days, months, years to get the amouunt of interest on a sum due
  Link   Calculate duration between two dates
Insert two dates and find the duration between them in days, weeks, months.
  Link   Historic Income Tax Calculator 1992 -2006
Tool from UCC to calculate amount of tax paid on income for various years
  Link   Redundancy Calculator
Calculates the amount of statutory redundancy
  Link   Currency Converter