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Wednesday, 12 August 2020
Services to Law Firms
  Web Link
  Link   Apostille Legalisation of Documents for Foreign Jurisdictiuons
  Link   Company formation service
  Link   Accounts Software for Solicitors
Solicitors Accounts Management System developed entirely for use in today's solicitor's practice, large or small, networked or single user.
  Link   Four Courts Meeting Rooms Online Booking
Online booking system for meeting rooms at the four courts through the Law Society Website members area. Have to login to use.
  Link   Banking Consultancy - Finan Financial Limited
  Link   Company Information Direct (CID)
Part of Rochford Brady Group legal services providing information on companies.
  Link   Legal Diary Search and Alerts
Subscription based web site designed to easily find cases on the Legal Diary and to set up web and text alerts on cases of interest to you.
  Link   Closing Searches Lawlink
Part of the Rochford Brady group which provides legal searches on line and off.
  Link   Data Recovery
Advanced Data Recovery Services for the retrieval of lost, deleted or destroyed critical data from all types of media and storage devices
  Link   E-Discovery - Grant Thornton
  Link   Law Agents Corporate Access
Law Agents providing property closing searches, lodging and bespeaking Court Documents and company formation as well as other ancilliary legal services.
  Link   Law Agents - Mulligan Legal
  Link   Law Agents Rochford Brady Legal Services
Law Agents providing property closing searches, lodging and bespeaking Court Documents, company formation and Summons Serviing.
  Link   Legal Administration Services - Hackett Legal
Provides binding, scanning, litigation support, web review and hosting
  Link   Stenographers - Stenographers
Stenography and Legal Secretarial Services
  Link   Summons Servers - National Summons Services